Monday, August 24, 2015

Film on the Hill at Humbolt Park

The night we (kind of) saw The Labyrinth

When I heard Humbolt Park would be playing 1986's The Labyrinth starring David Bowie, a young Jennifer Connelly (#acting), and a bunch of weirdos from the Jim Henson Studio, I knew I'd have to be there. We arrived a little before 7:00 and the hill was packed. It sounded like the organizers were a little surprised at the turnout. Can you blame us? You're showing a fantasy cult classic starring David Bowie in high-waisted stretch pants! People show up for that. And naturally sing along to "Magic Dance." It was, as they say, everything.

We weaseled our way into the middle — to what we thought would be an okay spot. Here are a few things we learned: Those camping chairs ruin everything for people on the ground. And the screen will be the size of a postage stamp if you aren't sitting right underneath it. My brother had a clear shot of just half the screen the entire time, and Adam eventually gave up and just laid back on the lawn, listening instead of watching. I craned my neck and stuck it out, but note to self: Get there way earlier, or pray that Humbolt (hopefully!) gets a bigger screen and/or props it up higher next summer. 

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