Thursday, August 20, 2015

Soaps & Scents

An enchanting boutique gift shop in Tosa

Anyone remember Soaps & Scents, the charming little shop at Mayfair next to Panera? I always loved going in there to browse the gifts, children's books, and of course the soaps. Well if you're looking to get your specialty scents and soaps at the mall these days you'll be disappointed. But fear not, boutique soap lovers! The shop simply moved to a much more fitting location: Historic Downtown Tosa.

Soaps & Scents is now just up the street from Le Reve, with welcoming picture windows and a door that's always propped open (Wisconsin weather permitting). The first thing I noticed walking in are gorgeous, lightweight robes hanging on the door and gently swaying in the breeze — so pretty. Some day I'll splurge on one.

As you step inside, there's a feast for the senses: whimsical hanging lights, walls of soaps and lotions in beautiful packaging, candles, French tablecloths, aprons, gorgeous books worthy of anyone's coffee table, tote bags, decorative boxes, and plush animals for the kids.

And cards. Oh the cards! Soaps & Scents is a veritable paper wonderland. I think I looked at literally every card in the place, leaving no stone unturned. I left with about $30 worth of paper goods — par for the course in my book. But I'll delve a bit deeper into the cards themselves in another post. Just know that Soaps & Scents carries a gorgeous variety and it's worth checking it out.

Really, Soaps & Scents is a one-stop-shop for gifts of the lovely variety. Fellas, this is the place to get your girl something special to pamper herself. Ladies, I'd check out Soaps & Scents for baby and wedding shower gifts before succumbing to a big box store. There's a shift in our culture these days — a shift back to the small, boutique-y, and homemade. Thank goodness, because it leaves room in this crazy, over-developed world for enchanting places like Soaps & Scents. 

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