Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ex-Girlfriends Cards

New favorites from Etsy

New pop culture card obsession coming in hot! These cards from Ex-Girlfriends Rebellion on Etsy are totally rocking my socks. The designer is Angel Woolcott, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. That's quite a distance, so order early and stock up. It took about six weeks for my order to arrive. The cards are a good size and blank inside, so make sure you have something to say. The paper quality is smooth and solid, and the envelopes are covered in black polka-dots. In case you missed it, cute envelopes are the way to my heart!

But enough nerding out about paper and envelopes — let's take these cards at face value. They're hilarious! There's everything from 30th birthday crying Dawson to Nicholas Cage Christmas cardsWhat pop culture-loving person wouldn't be psyched to hang these babies on their fridge? That's the goal of Ex-Girlfriends Cards: To send something that will stay on the fridge for months, even years. Angel Woolcott is also all about preserving the environment; her cards are printed on 100% recycled paper and are biodegradable. So save the Earth and send some laughs one greeting card at a time!

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