Saturday, May 31, 2014

Anodyne Coffee

A source of soothing comfort

Craving caffeine last Sunday afternoon, Adam and I bopped over to Anodyne. He'd been there before and was itching to go back, but this was another first for me. The word "anodyne," according to the company's website, means "capable of soothing or eliminating pain; relaxing; a source of soothing comfort."

The place lives up to its name. There are two Anodyne locations: the Bay View Cafe and the Walker's Point Roastery. We picked the Roastery for its modern-retro-loft vibe and full-size bar that caters to coffee. Homey lamps and Edison bulbs light up vintage radios mounted on exposed brick walls, and a raised stage sits in wait for live entertainment. To describe this place in one word: cool.

And the drinks? Warm. We both got a My Buddy cappuccino: a cup of frothy deliciousness flavored with vanilla, almond, and a perfect hint of sweetness. Adam let the glorious foam coat his kisser so I could snap photographic evidence of just how creamy beige it was. It was everything I could do to not run over and lick his face instead. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tubby night

Clean Pippins & plates

Every six weeks our dog, Pippin, goes to the groomer's. We lovingly call his grooming a "tubby" in one of those annoying-to-outsiders baby talk voices. He really hates going (there's whimpering and dragging), but the baby talk keeps his tail wagging. "Pippin, are you going to get a tubby?" And the tail wags on.

My mom and I, on the other hand, love tubby night. It's like this: Pippin goes to the groomer's, and I go to dinner and shopping with Mom. Dinner is always at John's Sandwich Shop on North Avenue — a family favorite of ours for the past, oh, 15 years. John's is known for breakfast and brunch, but we love going any time of day. The neighborhood staple even gave me my very first job: bus girl. Ill-fitting khaki pants, syrup everywhere, and my total inability to work the espresso machine. Such fond memories.

But I am fond of the avocado quesadillas, so it's a good thing we visit John's every six weeks like clockwork. My mom and I sit there, give the lone waitress and cook something to do, and chat. I can't disclose the content of those chats because, well, that would be violating the Tubby Night Code of Silence or something. 

After my mom and I join the Clean Plate Club, it's off to Mayfair. There's almost always a trip to the Clinique counter, and then we just bum around. Summer shoes were the name of the game during our latest spree, though we each came away empty handed. Wide feet.

Okay, so it's not a glamorous night out on the town. But sometimes, after a long six weeks of Wednesdays, all a dog needs is a tubby — and all a girl needs is her mom and a dang quesadilla.