Monday, December 12, 2016

Erin Kelly Illustrations

Hand lettering, home watercolors & Christmas prints

When you're blessed with talented friends in your inner circle, you have to boast about them from time to time. Today it's Erin Kelly of Erin Kelly Illustrations! I've known Erin since high school, at which time I was a secret admirer of her paintings at the yearly CMH art show. Over the years, I've seen Erin find her artistic niche — most notably, watercolor paintings of friends on their wedding day and watercolor quotes, like this one she framed for my birthday

Luckily for the gift givers of the world, Erin has recently opened an Etsy shop. Her virtual storefront is filled with ready-made prints of Christmas quotes. You can also contact her via her website to chat about custom pieces — perhaps a line from your favorite movie or prayer. Though the deadline has already passed to order custom projects in time for Christmas this year (sorry friends!), it's something to keep in mind for birthdays & future holidays.

Erin's watercolor wizardry doesn't stop with hand-lettered words. She's made quite a splash creating home paintings — all she needs is a photo of the house. And don't forget gifts for the bride and the occasional puppy portrait! What I love about Erin's attitude in her artsy business is that she's up to tackle anything within her talents — and that's heaps of talent! So if you have an idea, reach out to Erin; she's ready and waiting to work her magic for you. 

For more info, visit And for daily prettiness, follow Erin Kelly Illustrations on Instagram!

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