Thursday, January 12, 2017

Café Corazon river west

Fish Tacos, Horchata & Tres Leches Cake

I've written about Café Corazon for brunch and about their newish location in Bay View – all great things! But I'd never dined inside at the river west location until recently. It was a charming experience the Monday after New Year's Day – a day when many restaurants in Milwaukee were closed (either because they're always closed Mondays or because of the holiday). Adam and I sat at a cute table for two in a back room lined with windows and colorful strings of lights.

We started with chips and salsa, then he went for enchiladas and me, fish tacos. Typically you can get either tilapia or salmon tacos – not both. But I was hemming and hawing between the two, and our waiter kindly offered to give me one of each. Score! I thought the tilapia was good, but plain. I wouldn't get it again – not when there's so much other deliciousness to pick from. The salmon taco was a little more exciting, with a chipotle sauce and creamy slaw. If I had to pick between the two fish, it'd be the salmon for sure.

But really, the tacos were far from my favorite thing during this trip to Café Corazon. My first favorite thing was the house-made horchata. It's made with soy milk, so if soy milk isn't your thing, maybe avoid the horchata. But if you're cool with soy and cinnamon and creamy drinks, this is your cue to indulge!

My second favorite thing was the tres leches cake that Adam and I shared for dessert. It's a huge hunk of sponge cake piled high with a mound of cream. The cake is soaked in – yep – three milks: condensed, evaporated, and heavy cream. Divine. Following up the good-not-great fish tacos with something so scrumptious was a smart way to finish the meal. Thanks to that cake, I'm clamoring to go back for more!

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