Friday, January 20, 2017

Classics Reimagined books

Illustrated editions are a must-have for book lovers

Special editions of your favorite book are the kind of thing you really have to snatch up quickly. Odds are, these fancy versions won't be around forever. That's what makes them special! 

When I found this gorgeously-illustrated copy of Pride and Prejudice on the Anthropologie website, I decided my mom had to have it for Christmas. Being money conscious, I waited for them to offer a promo code on house & home. Anthro was slowly making its way through each department, offering a new promo code daily.

But by the time they got to house & home, they'd sold out of this book! I searched and searched and finally found another seller. Searching now, there are others to be found, but I swear it was nearly impossible just before Christmas. The book shipped from the UK; trust the Brits to create beautiful classic books. There are others in the Classics Reimagined series, too: The Wizard of OZ, Edgar Allan Poe, and Alice in Wonderland, just to name a few. 

And if they've sold out on one site, google your little heart out — you might still find them elsewhere. The paper is a wonderful stock and the illustrations are divine. I'm so thrilled to have added this special edition to my mom's book shelf. If you have a Jane Austen fan in your house — or if you yourself are the fan — treat yourself to this book! It's certainly cherish-worthy.

P.S. Where should you go to keep tabs on new special editions of your favorite books? Definitely keep an eye on the Anthropologie house & home section, as they always curate a beautiful collection of books. I've also gleaned lots of inspiration from Instagram accounts powered by book fanatics, like the.blonde.bookworm — she's a collecting fiend, and monitoring her feed is a great way to stay up-to-date on collectors editions of your favorite stories. 

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