Monday, January 9, 2017

4 cozy gift ideas

Slippers & kimonos, picture books & novelty mugs

Christmas may be over, but as there are always occasions for gift giving (like a certain Hallmark holiday), I just had to share some of my favorites. Mind you, what's pictured is in no way the full extent of my favorite Christmas gifts. For instance there's a Totoro tote bag that I'm currently, well, toting. And a Harry Potter soup cauldron and the illustrated Chamber of Secrets (drool!). And a tiny hanging air plant. All favorite-able as well! But now onto the aforementioned slippers & kimonos, picture books & novelty mugs. 

#1 Sheepskin slippers
Boy did I squeal with delight when I unwrapped these — a Secret Santa gift from my dear friend (with impeccable taste!) Shea. I am obsessed with these fur-lined, moccasin-style, embroidered slippers. I'm told they come straight from a mountain town in Poland, exclusively by way of a holiday market in the Twin Cities. Of course, you can find something similar on Etsy (phew!). They're so warm and cozy and luxurious, I feel like a queen whenever I wear them — and I've been wearing them daily. 

#2 Handprint kimono
I've been dreaming of owning one of these gorgeous, lightweight kimono-style robes ever since I first saw them at Soaps & Scents. They're one-size-fits-all (perfect for gifting!) and the patterns are so varied and vibrant, it's easy to find one to suit your giftee. Mine has a pattern strewn with fantastical beasts. It's perfect to just throw on for a little warmth and cover, without roasting or feeling super bulky. Truly, this kimono gives me that easy-breezy fabulous feeling — like, cue my private balcony on the Riviera. Every woman needs a lil' of that in her life! 

#3 Illustrated Alice in Wonderland
Rifle Paper Company designs seem to be everywhere. Luckily for Alice lovers, Rifle is also in a newish edition of Alice in Wonderland. Here's a tip for the book lover on your gift list: You can never, ever go wrong gifting a gorgeous, special edition copy of their favorite book. Children's lit is my jam and I ogle illustrations on Pinterest in my spare time — combine the two, even in a book that I already have two copies of, and I'm over the moon.

#4 Novelty mug
My brother's girlfriend Erin really hit it out of the park with our family's Christmas gifts. We watch a lot of movies at our house and drink a lot of coffee during said movies. So Erin found a different mug for each of us, inspired by one of our favorite movies. Adam's is an amazing barrel-shaped mug from the Prancing Pony, and mine is a Mary Poppins mug — practically perfect in every way. No really, it is! It's sturdy, a nice size, pretty on the outside, pink on the inside, and the handle is shaped like the parrot on Poppins' umbrella — great for gripping. 

Here ends my gushing about how I lucked out with the Christmas gift givers in my life. But know that you too can be a gift giver that everyone gushes about — especially if you go with one of these ideas. Happy Hallmark holiday shopping! 

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