Friday, August 7, 2015

Buckley's restaurant & bar

Sidewalk dining + fancy eats + carrot cake to die for

Have you ever driven by that charming restaurant on the corner of Cass and Wells with the sidewalk seating and darling black-and-white cafe umbrellas? I've been driving by for years, always thinking the spot looks so warm, inviting, and a trifle magical. Well that restaurant is Buckley's, and thanks to my Aunt Kal who knows what's good and sometimes takes me along for the ride, I finally tried it last week.

We went to Buckley's for dinner with my Uncle Charlie, and for dinner this place gets nice. I mean, I'm sure it's always nice, but at dinner it's nice like grilled octopus, mussels, and oysters nice. The lunch menu looks a bit more accessible, which is probably how I would have gone about my first trip to Buckley's if I hadn't been with Kal. But she steered us in a delicious and un-intimidating direction: We shared burratta, which is akin to a gooey ball of mozzarella the size of your fist served with bread, roasted tomatoes, and pesto — divine. 

We also shared the special gnocchi in a light butter sauce with lemon, herbs, mushrooms, and plenty of Mmmm. Seriously yummy. Seriously wish it was a regular menu item. I'm still dreaming about it.

My Uncle Charlie went for the bulgogi meatballs, which came in a cute little ramekin, and roasted tricolor cauliflower. Both looked and smelled like I need to go back again soon to satiate my curiosity. 

We sat at a sidewalk table for over an hour, enjoying a bottle of wine and eventually coffee. Again, I was lucky to be with my aunt who insists on such luxuries — including dessert. She and Charlie raved about the carrot cake, so that's what we shared between us. 

This is the carrot cake to end all carrot cake. The frosting is a heavenly vanilla bean buttercream, and the cake itself is dense but moist — just the most wonderful texture and flavor throughout. And carrot cake isn't even my favorite kind of cake, so if you're a freak for the carrot cake, drop what you're doing and get to Buckley's. 

P.S. The inside of Buckley's is just as charming as the outside, so venture there for date night or fancy girls night, rain or shine.

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