Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cafe Bavaria

A little piece of Germany in Tosa

I first went to Cafe Bavaria on its opening weekend. My friend Rachelle was visiting from out of town and a friend of hers was the bartender there. He recommended yummy drinks (Schofferhofer forever!) and gave us free jelly-filled donuts. He doesn't work there anymore. 

Anyway, I finally made it back for dinner a couple weeks ago with my mom on Pippin's grooming night. We sat outside even though it was a little chilly for a summer night — hence the warm, frothy chai latte. 

For food, my mom went for a pair of bratwurst sliders smothered in sauerkraut and relish while I scarfed down the Ludwig smash burger — juicy, meaty goodness topped with almond-bacon-apple chutney and herbed garlic cheese on a pretzel bun. Your potato options at Bavaria are either homemade kettle chips or steak frites — both yummy, especially when you factor in the array of dipping sauces. 

My mom and I enjoyed our eats, but agreed that there's lots of other scrumptious-sounding stuff on the menu that we'd like to try next time. Personally I'd love to go back to Bavaria just for some of the apps — mainly the tater tots, cheese curds, and Munich pretzel. And the Schofferhofer. Always the Schofferhofer. 

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