Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mars Cheese Castle

What lies beneath that giant sign in Kenosha

The Mars Cheese Castle. We've all seen it. Growing up and in all the times my family drove past the Castle, I never knew the truth behind it — so my imagination ran wild. What could possibly sit beneath that towering sign but something super kitschy? Like maybe a Martian castle made of Swiss cheese. Well after our day at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, I finally found out what lies beneath that giant sign.

Basically it's Heaven for a party host. If you need crackers, meat, cheese, specialty mustards and jams, unique sodas and beer, candy and chocolates, and fresh bakery (including kringle!), the Mars Cheese Castle is the place to stock up. The space itself isn't huge, but the variety is impressive. Honestly, it was more than a little overwhelming. Faced with such a selection, I left with only a can of Italian blood orange soda and a black & white cookie. But I'd love to go back sometime when I'm more mentally prepared. 

There's also a deli of to-go sandwiches and such. Adam got a Chicago-style hot dog that looked absolutely picture perfect. So yes, there's a lot to recommend the Mars Cheese Castle that you'd never know from its sign. Methinks we need to stop driving past it on our way to and from Chicago — rather, we should stop and smell the cheese.

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